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After living in Dubai for close to 9 years, and been moved back to India lock stock and barrel ,I am often been asked by many "wh...

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Welcome to Ramata Jogi, it's a Hindi word which means wanderer, roamer or a rolling stone....

The travel bug bit me in the year 2013 when I first started doing random trips with my friends to various places. The experience was so liberating that I did not stop since and was always looking for opportunities from my corporate job to travel. In another 3 years I had already travelled to 19 different countries and around 72 cities globally. Travelling had became a healthy addiction for me ; and as  I was contemplating to leave my well paid secured job in Dubai ,the opportunity itself knocked on my door in the form of redundancy in my job. So without a second thought , I left my 10 years of corporate career and secured life behind and moved to India to be with family & travel. Since then, its been10 months and counting ....

The few memorable events during my travel are .. hike to Adam's peak in Srilanka , getting lost in the dark alleys of Istanbul without a map, Attempting Scuba diving in Thailand without any training , River rafting in Phuket and north of India , Sea walking in Bali, Spending a night at a railway platform....No I haven't skydived or bungee jumped yet ( still dealing with the fear of heights !!) 

So after  travelling  around  20 countries (and counting !!) and more than 72 cities in India & across globe ,here I am attempting to write about some interesting travel stories ,about unknown places and hopefully helpful travel guides and tips for all.

Be Inspired ,Happy & footloose!!!

Sushmita Dutta